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Sep 16th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Jack London
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Jack London - Rating: 8.45
It's been only a few hours since my last black dick feeding and this gay boy was getting hungry. Unlike white boys like me, it would take a while to milk this black dick of all its milky goodness. It's too bad that the only thing separting us was this wall but the creepiness of it made it that much hotter. It made me guess if he was a hunky black stud with raging muscles or some twink like me. It didn't really matter once I had him deep down my throat and deep into my belly. His cock was pulsating in my mouth as I was worshipping this mighty gay gloryhole. Hell, for all he knew it was some ugly girl sucking him off but that didn't bother me one bit. What did bother me was how long it was taking me to stroke his fat salami and my tiny hands didn't stop aching. It was a good pain and soon I was given the mother load of hot black goo all over me.
Sep 6th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Frank Texas & Ray Diesel
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Frank Texas & Ray Diesel - Rating: 9.20
It's nice having your own personal assistant. I'm not talking about a PA that helps you on the job; I'm talking about your own, personal boy. Someone who can clean the house and clean your pipes...so to speak. One that can sweep out the garage and then clean your asshole with his tongue. Someone who can help you release your tension. ALl your frustrations. Enter Frank Texas. He's a petite boy, not really a twink. Certainly a power bottom. I mean this little dude can take a whole lot of cock. This is why Ray Diesel loves having him around. One minute, Ray's poolside and getting a nice back rub...and the next minute, Frank's on his knees, servicing Ray's massive black member. Soon Frank will be on his back, his man-pussy stretched to its maximum width. You'll like watching Ray unload his pent-up frustrations all over Frank's face...then watch as Ray helps Frank do the same!
Aug 26th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Keith Evans
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Keith Evans - Rating: 7.89
Today's white victim is Keith Evans. There's nothing straight about this super twink and that's the way pappa bear likes it. I love my white boys took be young, dumb, and full of cum. I was in for a treat the minute he placed his milky white hands over my big black dick. He was as gentle as they come but I need my gay boys to stroke my cock like a piston working over a machine. He went faster and faster and my big sweaty balls were not to be ignored. I had a hefty brew of black jizz in the chamber all ready for him since he had been such a good little boy. I couldn't let him leave with his balls ready to explode but no place to do it. He shot a tidal wave of cracker gunk which left a smile on my face,
Aug 5th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Ricky Diaz
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Ricky Diaz - Rating: 7.55
At first glimpse I wanted to tear apart this white boy. It had been a while since any white boy had laid their hands on my black snake. Ricky Diaz has been known to wrap his hands around any big black dicks he can get ahold of so I volunteered my gay pleasure toy for his pleasure. The way he stroked my black dong is something I'll never forget and my eyes rolled into the back of my head. He was a good little twink by the way he looked me in the eyes as he pumped me off until I shot my love seed all over the place. He knew better than to stop jerking me at the first sign of creamy goodness and that's a gay hunk's dream.
May 3rd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Robin Stone and Deepdicc
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Robin Stone and Deepdicc - Rating: 9.15
We can all agree that moving sucks, which is why we usually hire someone else to do it for us. Enter Twink Robin Stone and Deepdicc, both men employed by a moving company. They've got a big job -- perhaps too big -- and as they're sizing up all the crap they have to move, Robin stumbles upon a box of porn. Before you know it, a JO session starts up, with Robin staring in disbelief at Deepdicc's uncut 10-inch tool. With a piece of meat that big, Robin immediately recognizes a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. With the Boss on a lunch break, Robin attempts to accommodate Deep's massive member orally (he can barely take 1/4 of it down his throat before gagging) and up his tight, pink manhole. Pleasure turns to pain turns into pleasure as Deep stretches Robin to maximum girth before dropping an even bigger load...all over his new Twink Toy!
Aug 4th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Jessie Montgomery & Matthew James
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Jessie Montgomery & Matthew James - Rating: 8.90
Let's face it, almost all of us hate The Boss Man. We don't like being told what to do and when to do it. Jessie's no different than you or I. And get this -- Jessie's always felt his boss, Mathew James, is a pervy gay creep. Jessie is a laborer on a big construction site, and every time his boss walks on the property, Jessie can feel Boss Man's eyes all over him. Checking out his ass and crotch. Shit like that. Sure enough, Jessie's right, too. Boss Man shows up and hauls Jessie into the office to give him the bad news: no more job for Jessie. What's Jessie gonna do? He's got a wife and young child to look after! Sure enough, Boss Man is a huge creepy gay perv. Wait until you see the sex toys he keeps in his desk! Boss Man loves his ass stuff, and Jessie will do whatever it takes to stay out of the unemployment line, even if that means "switching it up" from time to time and giving Boss Man his twink ass!!
May 22nd - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Phillip Tyreese
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Phillip Tyreese - Rating: 8.93
Part of my appeal is that I'm a white twink that looks young enough to be in grade school. What I lack in height I make up in the jeans. I cruise the streets in the car daddy bought me in hopes that I'll snag a black stud for me to worship. I was able to get this tall glass of black water back to my pad so I could manipulate his cock and balls with my tiny hands. Just look at how he towers over me which makes it all much more thrilling! I told him to sit back, relax and enjoy the ride that his new submissive white boy would take him on. I kept switching focus between his face and cock so I could see his facial reactions to my loving hands. He nearly screamed his head off as he spewed gallon after gallon of jizz while I felt like the luckiest boy in West Hollywood.
Apr 10th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Op Tyler Billy Long
Op Tyler Billy Long Member Comments:
Macdon****: Watching an impotent black dude is worse than watching a little dick white boy. Get some real black meat!
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Op Tyler Billy Long - Rating: 8.90
It's been a hot summer afternoon and nothing beats the heat by turning your attention to some white twink. Op Tyler took a wrong turn at Mayberry and ended up in my pad in the wrong part of the hood. His big balls hung to the floor and his dick felt great when rubbed against mine. I remember seeing the top of his head as he knelt before his black bull and gave me a stellar interracial handjob. His strong hands wrapped around my black staff in a manner that kept me stiff the entire time. His hands knew to cup my big black balls while his other kept tugging ang pulling. He made me lie on my back so he could yank my cock until it shot a hefty helping of seed all over my rock hard abs.
Dec 26th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Mike Daniels Billy Long
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Mike Daniels Billy Long - Rating: 7.56
My name is Mike Daniels and if I appear to be the boy next door then yes, I am. My parents and friends think I'm straight but that couldn't be further from the truth. When I'm not fantasizing about black dick I'm acting out on that urge. I'm always up for stroking a fire hydrant sized black cock since I doubt other gay guys do it better than I. I went over his dick and under his dick while keeping a firm , tight grip on that meaty member. His shakiing balls and pulsating cock told me it was time for my dessert which made a mess of me. The smile on my face tells the story of a twink who's done a great job in milking his black bull.
Nov 14th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Peter Piper & Blackhawk
Peter Piper & Blackhawk Member Comments:
doctor****: iam brazilian boy and like of scenes ... i am white and like suck BBC... me convidem para uma cena... haha
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Peter Piper & Blackhawk - Rating: 8.20
What's a black man to do with some free time? He gets himself a white twink for some man-on-man stroking sessions. I could tell my white slave was nervous since I could almost see his heart beating out of his chest. I made him know that he was now in the loving arms of a black stud whose cock was soon to be in his hands. He got on his knees and held my big black dick like it was gold. He'd told me that he hadn't given many interracial handjobs since his hands could barely wrap around thug dick. He did a phenomenal job stroking me off and I had to think of something else so I wouldn't come too early. His soft and warm hands brought me to perhaps the biggest orgasm I've ever had and that's saying something. I made my little bitch boy get me a towel to clean off the filth
Oct 24th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Enrique Tyreese
Enrique Tyreese Member Comments:
Ruckus****: Black dude can really shoot!! Love to have been there ...
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Enrique Tyreese - Rating: 7.90
I'm always on a quest for thick black cock to house between my hands. There's nothing better than m ilking a cock with your hands. Sure, it's easy to drain a black dick with your mouth or tight white ass but where's the fun and challenge in that? I sat on the side as Tyreese stripped down to his boxers and he then brought me in to join in on the gay rendevous. I rubbed my hands up and down his flawless frame and my hands made their way to the monster black dick he was hiding with his pants. I massaged his huge balls which got his black dick as hard as a rock. It was now time for an interracial handjob and I was the twink to do it! My biceps got quite the workout as I pumped that black shaft hoping it would give me a fat helping of black goodness. Worshipping that black shaft was getting my white dick nice and hard but today was his day and Tyreese's pleasure came first. He was on his back and my handy work spoke for itself as he unleashed his glue all over the place.
Sep 23rd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Alex Cruiz
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Alex Cruiz - Rating: 9.10
Alex Cruiz is, ahem, a sucker for erotic novels. We find Alex along with Mr. Hampton and Tyko, and they're enjoying some erotic smut read by Alex the twink. The innocence of reading quickly transforms into some boy-on-boy-on-boy action. The novel is quickly ignored so that white boy can get a double dicking of black meat. Both black studs take turns stuffing his esophagus with their black meat sticks. Alex, the whore for black cock, gets bent over and obeys their commands to open his backdoor for anal poundings. Tyko and Mr. Hampton lay their black pipes deep in Alex's ass, while a black cock in constantly muffling his moaning. Our LIVE erotic novel hits its final chapter when no drop of black jizz is wasted.
Jul 9th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Tyko and Kip
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Tyko and Kip - Rating: 8.58
Kip has yet to experience the power of big black cock. You see, Kip's a twink that loves fucking outside the bedroom and this public restroom is the perfect place for that white slut. Kip's trip to this glory hole is met with a black cock that's exploring one of the holes in the wall. Kip, never to be shy, sucks on that huge black cock before inviting him inside to party further. Kip finally meets the face of Tyko and both tear into each other without thinking,or caring, that they can possibly get caught. Kip continues to suck on that enormous amount of black beef until he opens up his ass for an insane pounding. That lucky white boy gets his sphincter pried open by his first ever black cock until both cocks expel all their creamy goodness.
Jun 7th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Zack OMalley
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Zack OMalley - Rating: 8.33
Hi boys. I'm Zach O'Malley and you're about to watch me do some naughty things for the first time ever. My boyfriend is white but his cock isn't the biggest so I'm going to have to find one that I can fool around with. I snuck out while he was asleep and made my way to this gay adult book store which I hear is a gay man's haven. First, I'm going to strip to my little undies, fondle my balls, and manipulate my shaft but I hope I don't get caught. You can call me a "twink" or "a queen" but my love for big black dick is something that doesn't bother me and tonight I get my very own to suck and stroke. I couldn't believe my own eyes when a black dick made its appearance so I had to suck it to believe it. It tasted so good in my warm little mouth and I jerked him off so I could catch my breath. I switched from sucking to jerking and his moans came through the wall which meant he was close to blasting all over me. He painted my chest with his ball batter and I cleaned up so the next gay guy could come in and enjoy what I just did.
Jan 22nd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Intrigue and Kevin
Intrigue and Kevin Member Comments:
ORGANP****: Can't you find some other black guy other than this worn out one ?
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Intrigue and Kevin - Rating: 8.33
Intrigue is in da house this week at BlacksOnBoys.com. He finds himself a nice little twinkie white boi named Kevin. Kevin is a self admitted freak and ready to try some big, black cock for the first time. They meet up and then head back to Intrigue's pad and waste no time. Intrigue sticks his black meat right into Kevin's curious and eager mouth. Kevin loves it. After a good amount of facefucking and throat bumping Intrigue takes it to the next step. Kevin hikes his ass up while on all fours on the couch, offering up his tight white hole to that big, black dick. Intrigue accepts Kevins offer and gives Kevin his first black cock in his ass.
Sep 22nd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Drew Stiles
Drew Stiles Member Comments:
bamawo****: Just adverage i like bigger COCKS!!!
njstud****: i agree with the comments here and for the other vids in this section. find some BBC for the white boys here. same old tired small dicked black twinks over and over and over...
brugie****: get that boy some food ==== i wish this site could find some cute guys
shakaz****: Geez, the picken's are getting slim.
ORGANP****: Intrigue is NOT the big man for this tweak, see how easy the tweak took Intrigue. May be first black cock, but not the first big cock as this guy is very experienced in big cocks.
ORGANP****: Come on BF, can't U find some other big black guys, as your pool is getting tired ?
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Drew Stiles - Rating: 8.63
Drew Stiles is here this week at BlacksOnBoys.com. He's a skinny little twink boy who has never been with a black dude. Well, well...you know he's come to the right place. Drew is meeting Intrigue at the local public pool...too bad it couldn't gop down right there in broad daylight. LOL! Anyways...they meet up and head back to the fuckpad. Intrigue puts Drew right to the test and sticks his big black dick right in his very eager mouth and let me tell you, Drew is loving every inch of it. He's sucking that black cock like he's in love with it. Once the dick sucking comes to an end the ass fucking must begin...and it sure does. Don't be fooled by Drew being a skinny guy...his whole is the biggest thing on him. It opens up wide for Intrigue's big ass hard black cock to just slide right up in there...all the way without any problem. Intrigue pumps that white ass full of his black meat log, stroke after deep stroke and Drew just moans with delight. Now that's how a white boy should act when fucked with a nice black dick!
Sep 2nd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Troy Segal
Troy Segal Member Comments:
pussby****: nice white pussy boy, till he made the dude pull out at the end. too bad!. looked like he was really enjoying taking that black dik up his ass
JakeSt****: we need more big facials like this!
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Troy Segal - Rating: 7.63
Hot white boy Troy Seagal joins us here at BlacksOnBoys.com He's a skinny little twink boy who's about to get hammered by two black studs, Intrigue and Brooklyn. Intrigue hooked it up and now they're all meeting outside the school where Troy works. The usual chit chat ensues and then they hop into the ride and head for the fuck pad and once there you know how we like to do it. No wasting time or bullshitting around. Big black cocks are going straight in this white boys eager mouth and filling it up with black meat. Intrigue and Brooklyn take turns passing Troy's mouth around with each other and now it's time to share up and tear up Troy's other hole. Troy is loving having a big black dick in each hole, hell, wouldn't you? Enjoy!
Aug 31st - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Tom Colt
Tom Colt Member Comments:
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Tom Colt - Rating: 7.50
It was time to take a break from the normal twinks I have around and snag me a gay bear. His beard was turning me on to the point where I just couldn't take it anymore. He's a real man and knew his way around a big black dick. His muscles came to good use as my rock hard dick was getting slapped, jerked, and played around with. It's always nice having a real man around and my white boy fit that mold. He did a great job of getting milky white goodness out of his cock.....and mine!
Jan 26th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Cameron Davis
Cameron Davis Member Comments:
cheyen****: you need longer n thicker black cock in them white boys assess, you know they'll ride em deep. no ky justj uices
Hootie****: They sure did enjoy fucking each other! Bring the bottom back; he took it like a pro and loved every second of it!
polo69****: very exciting top ! and one of the most exciting video.
FSROLL****: Super hot scene with this big very hot black curved dick and very cute face! We want to see hom more but not on every episode for 4 months. You have to find many and mix it up please. Thanks a lot
sissyf****: Pair up Cameron with a Black Stud, not just another skinny black twink...
IMBUTT****: Finally listening to us, FRESH faces, love it. And a black man who can keep his cock firm. This is one of the BEST EVER!!!!!!!!!
Jmcbee****: Cameron may be a twink but he can take all that meat better and with a smile on face then a lot of us other white boys can. He looks really good with a black cock sliding in and out of his young mouth and even better with cum all over that pretty face of his. I cannot wait to see him when he older and I hope he still enjoys it as much as he seemed to this time. But then, you know we all say, once you go...
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Cameron Davis - Rating: 9.24
Big black stud Pleasure Boi joins us this week at BlacksOnBoys.com. He was doing some shopping and found a cute, skinny twink named Cameron Davis. Just our luck Cameron was about to get off work and is willing to see what's up. Cameron admits he's very nervous to be with a black guy because you know, their big ass black cocks. Pleasure Boi smooths things along though and gets Cameron back to the crib. Cameron is a bit surprised when Pleasure Boi doesn't hesititate to tell Cameron to suck his dick. Afterall...what is this? We didn't bring him here to watch TV. Cameron dives in and takes on Pleasure Boi's big as black rod. Loving every inch of it and barely even gagging. Good job! As good of a cocksucker as Cameron is he's just as good at taking big black dick in in ass too. He's such a little, skinny thing you would think the opposite but not at all. That big black pipe slides right in and all the way down.
Nov 7th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Chris Kingston
Chris Kingston Member Comments:
vtevan****: cute boy takes big black cock deep ass & throat, Dee Truth cums in boy in rubber. hot!
FSROLL****: A little bit boring ...
IMBUTT****: Black guys that never get a hard on always talk shit with their mouth. White boys know how to suck dick, shut your mouth and get your dick hard
Jmcbee****: great hairy legs on the white boy. i came all over myself watching him getted rammed by two nice looking black men.
IMBUTT****: Love pretty little white boys like this gettin it from black guys.
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Chris Kingston - Rating: 8.45
Little twink boi, Chris Kingston joins this week at BlacksOnBoys.com. Black studs Dee Truth and Moni also join us to stick it to Chris. He admits that he's never really had a cock bigger than about seven inches but says he's down to take some big, black cock. Dee Truth and Moni are ready to put him to the test. Chris has no problems at all taking all that black dick in him mouth and down his throat but let's see what happenes when they bend him over and it's time to earn his keep.
Jul 18th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Jansen Shaw
Jansen Shaw Member Comments:
brugie****: thank you ,, thank you --- jansen is the cutest boy on this site == no tatoos no piercings ---- i got hard before your tops did .
FSROLL****: Hot scene with some huge niggah nutt at the end. Very hot.
IMBUTT****: Love it when black guys come all over your face and then shove their BBD down your throat. Your are the hottest white slut Jansen. Wish I were you in this film.
Passio****: nice scene... every white slut needs to be treated like this. A big turn on to see two superior black men take a sissy white boy, manhandle him, pull his hair and turn his ass blood red from hard spankings. These BBC's OWNED dis white slut.
jp1255****: nice ass
bigbla****: Some fine-ass niggah nutt at da end.
eemara****: If I knew this scenario was an option, I'd start sucking big black cock right now. Is it?
jbcars****: hot.....
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Jansen Shaw - Rating: 9.11
BlacksOnBoys.com brings you Jansen Shaw this week. Jansen is a cute little twinkie white boy who's never been with a black guy. Since this is his firt black experience we hooked him up with two big dicked black studs, Dee Truth and Jermany. Jermany can't even wait to start the action and pulls out his black cock in the car on the way back to the crib and has Jansen suck it right there. Thank God for tinted windows. So they get to the crib and as usual, no time is wasted with any more chit chat. Dee Truth puts twink boy down on his knees and really gives his mouth a try out. Jermany joins in and Jansen is loving every minute and every inch of those big, black cocks being pumped into his throat. Even though the cocksucking is good, these two horny black dudes never pass up a willing, tight white hole. Dee Truth and Jermany take turns filling him up with hard, throbbing black cock and I'm pretty sure it's an experience he will never forget.
Apr 25th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Kyle Powers
Kyle Powers Member Comments:
proier****: when are you going to get this black stud back. i think he is one of your best.
FSROLL****: Johnny Boy is great !!!! More with him please
bigbla****: Red-headed cracker tries but can't do that fine-assed niggah pole of Johnnys. Damn!
eemara****: I'd like a big black stud to use me like this. Bonus points are you can fuck my wife too! I'm a virgin to cock but will do anything you tell me. Anything.
gmsche****: Seems like a skilled cocksucker. I'd absolutely love to get my mouth on big black cocks like these.
easygo****: nice cock
bigste****: When that twink lays back on the couch and Johnny gets and top and uses his face for a cunt....DAYUM! HOT! I kept hoping he would lift that big dick up and stuff both his nuts in the white boy's mouth and rub that black dick all over his face. I'd really like to see Johnny get on all 4s and make some twinky eat his ass out while he jacks that foreskin up and down.
justpl****: This white kid was pretty, naive, seemed to be hurting like a bitch. But then he CAME while being tortured by a BBC. Either he was doing an outstanding job of ACTING or he LOVES THE PAIN! I believe its the latter! He'll be BACK for more BBC.
alview****: Damn he's got a nice black cock, I'd pay to suck him off.
bigste****: I love this top. Johnny has a beautiful HUGE uncut dick, he knows how to use it and he's always talking shit to the bottoms. Love it.
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Kyle Powers - Rating: 8.93
Johnny Boy, one of our biggest black dicked studs to date finds himself a little redheaded twinkie treat this week at BlacksOnBoys.com and his name is Kyle Powers. Kyle is also a church boy but admits he's very open minded and adventerous and loves to try new things. Sex with a man...a black man is just one of those things he wants to experience, afterall...shouldn't everybody? So for Kyle's first ever experience with a man is going to be quite the test for Kyle, considering the massive length and width of Johnny's enormous black cock. They get started off with the obvious place to start...with Kyle on his kness sucking on some bigass black dick and Kyle really seems to be a natural at it and loving every minute and inch of it. Lets see how he handles it in his other hole because that very well may be a whole 'nother story.
Jul 6th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Austin Dallas
Austin Dallas Member Comments:
Hootie****: That white boy's ass is heaven on earth! Gotdamn!
ORGANP****: So black boy can suck cock too ? Great :-)
sexpot****: The white boys has said he is from Spain,he is not white.LOL
bigbla****: Big-dicked cracker slams niggah-dick wit his pussy
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Austin Dallas - Rating: 9.09
My name is Mr. Republic aka "Predator Of White Boys". I never stop my hunt for tasty white twinks so it was time to hop in my ride and go on the prowl. I'd almost given up my quest when my radar picked up this sexy white boy at the bus stop. I was able to earn his trust and he was about to earn my black dick in his mouth....if I played my games right! I sucked his white dick as he took his first black cock right down his throat. He was in for a rude awakening if he thought it was going to end there. I slammed my rock hard black dick right up his puckered white ass while his eyes popped out of his head. I went balls deep on this guy which made me question if he was lying about never fucking a brotha before. I kept fucking away and he came all over his belly and I soon painted his face with my black hose. It was grass, cash, or ass in my ride and he more than willingly gave up the ass.
Jun 8th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Aaron Tyler and Mr Republic
Aaron Tyler and Mr Republic Member Comments:
meoffj****: I just love it when a guy takes a mouthful of hot creamy spunk. Love this site, but I want to see so much more cum in mouth. Yum Yum Yum!! Wish there was a lot more of Pleasure Boi too.
polo69****: sex position rather exciting , I love to see top kissing the bottom while fucking
lopeso****: would give a lot to see this in bareback mode with the whore wearing a chastity device
ORGANP****: Loved it but would love to see more of foreskin rolled and sucked. Also love it when the couples show some passion, in kissing as if they love each other, or care about each others feelings and satisfaction. More of these guys.
moises****: the black guy is Mr. Republick...he is Mr. continente He has a good one and knows how to handle it it is nice when the white guy ask for spontaneous kisses and getting it
arjuna****: Funny...This guy Aaron is not beautiful or sexy; he is even too short and ugly...But the way in which he delivers himself..wooww ! He made me cum´ with his gazed eyes, the way he sucks his own finger...and the kisses, wooow ! MORE KISSES AND ROMANCE on blacksonboys !!!
rrhill****: My advice to the website director: bring back boys as Aaron and Radar; they like it. Tested models that practice safe sex, are a cum whores wettest dream. Skip the guys that pretend to like cock in exchange for a lot of dollars. Fake talk: "yes I want it". And at the moment supreme they press their lips together; as if they were shot with poison.
rrhill****: This movie is burning hot!!! Especially when Aaron says: "I want you to come in my mouth." I really hope Aaron will be back for more. And I fantasize how a big black dick will fill that hungry boy mouth and shoot real deep in his throat. That the man juice he can't swallow, will drip off his chin on his chest.
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Aaron Tyler and Mr Republic - Rating: 9.17
The Pimp Ride was juiced up and ready to cruise for some young white meat. After a stroll which produced no results, I finally came across a shirtless twink that looked yummy. I dropped some game on him to ease his mind and some time later we went back to the crib from some gay only sex. His naked body had not an ounce of fat on it which meant he must have had a nice sized cock. He couldn't wait to worship my meaty black dick while he stroked his stiff cracker cock as it pointed towards the ceiling. He knew right away that I was going to tag his ass with a " Black Owned" sticker from the moment I slid each and every inch of my black cock up his white ass. I kept fucking him as our lips met and my balls slapped against his white cheeks. The more I fucked his ass the more I wanted to spray his face with my jizz and that's exactly what I did. Tomorrow I go cruising for more white dick.
Nov 30th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Dakota Member Comments:
Kandi6****: Uh, he needs to get his hands off my man!
bigbla****: Cracker-bear feasts on dark-choclate niggahs uncut fuck-log. Dis boys got them huge dark choclate Ballz too. Uhhuh!
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Dakota - Rating: 8.17
Howdy members! How in the hell are ya?! This week we have a rather pleasant surprise for you and his name is Dakota. Dakota isn't one of our normal white boys on BlacksOnBoys.com...he's from the MidWest and he's a 100% cornfed white boy. He's got the body of a bear but the submissive nature of a twink and he's totally diggin' on the black cock of Big Smoke. Enjoy!!!
Nov 2nd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Steven Carmichael
Steven Carmichael Member Comments:
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Steven Carmichael - Rating: 7.89
This weeks' newest victim is Steven Carmichael...and just like a lot of the other crazy white boys on BlacksOnBoys.com he admits to us that he's been wanting the black cock his whole life. Well, today Steven gets his wish fulfilled, not to mention he gets a couple other things fully filled. He's also quite the verbal punk...he says some crazy shit while getting his smooth, twinkie body stuffed with the big black cock of Colby. What else can I say??? Just sit back and enjoy watching the newest scene on the hottest interracial gay site on the net...BlacksOnBoys.com!!!
Oct 12th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Tim Skyler
Tim Skyler Member Comments:
longjo****: yes, fuck me hard n deep in the ass with that big black dick, please!!!!!!
bambam****: the only way this scene could have been better would have had the white boy in a chasity cage for his black daddy.
terenc****: kim skyler showed great bravery and determination in holding on throughout the scene....... there were moments when, in the diffused light, it gave his very youthful frame an accentuation, which added to the sparkle of his performance..... thank you
vtevan****: Tim Skyler aka Adam Burr is SuperBottom with a little boy body. He can take any cock deep all the way. He often works bareback, but this big dick is sadly sheathed. This one is huge, but not quite hard enough. More Tim Skyler please. A-
brugie****: a man that know how to be a top --
flocke****: omg this man is the hottest nigger EVER... that dick is perfect
provid****: the greatest fuck i haver seen
tokiov****: @rimbu****- if only ever lil white boi had a chance to please a hunk like that. Every white boy I kno would jump at a chance to deepthroat or attempt to stuff a fine-ass beautiful dick like D.O.D.'s in their tight lil asses!!!!!
shung2****: Hands down! best episode ever!!
bigjoh****: wow i would like to get banged by dod. who do i contact???
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Tim Skyler - Rating: 9.46
Hello members...It's Summer time and it's hot, and so is this weeks' update. His name is Tim Skyler and he is quite the rare find for us here at BlacksOnBoys.com. He's a really cute and shy preppy white twinkie boi who is craving the black dick and is worried if his parents find out. He's wanted black dick for a couple years now because he's curious about the "black cock myth", and we all know what the "myth" is all about. We here at BlacksOnBoys.com just LOVE to prove the myth to be true and we hook Tim up with a walking myth...D.O.D.! That's 'Dick On Demand', AKA Ass Professor for those of you who don't know. And D.O.D. has a fucking huge black dick...11 and a half inches of pure chocolate chunk!!! Enjoy and have a great 4th of July!!!
Sep 14th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Kaden Cole
Kaden Cole Member Comments:
CAT556****: Very hot!!!! I want a piece of Kaden.......
joeyst****: hideous top
polo69****: the top is not very masculine for my taste
damon8****: Who is the handsome black guy?
moises****: wow a wonderful cute/pretty white boy and great black guy sucker...both were a good connection
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Kaden Cole - Rating: 8.79
This weeks' update is Kaden Cole and I think ALOT of you members are going to really like it. Kaden is a hot, little, smooth twinkie boi who happened to find BlacksonBoys.com and as you can probably guess...the rest is here for you to see. Most of the whiteboys don't quite measure up compared to the black studs that they're suckin and fuckin, as we all well know. Kaden is different in that aspect though...he's packing quite a slab. Once his cock gets hard it's hard to tell who has a bigger piece of meat, him or the black stud. So why don't you just sit back, unzip and see for yourself who has the bigger bone.
Jul 13th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Jordan Michaels
Jordan Michaels Member Comments:
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Jordan Michaels - Rating: 8.74
This week we have a totally cute, twinkie, 22 year old white boi. His name is Jordan Michaels and he's very excited to be here because today he gets to suck and be fucked by our black stud Egypt. Egypt is not our everday ordinary black stud...he's from the U.K. That's right...he's British and he's got the most amazingly sexy accent. Just sit back and enjoy!!!
May 4th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Sebastian Ford
Sebastian Ford Member Comments:
evilwe****: Bring him back for more !
librae****: I don't know, if I wanted to see a gorgeous stud like that putting it down on a Woman I'd watch straight porn. I couldn't honestly even get it up for this one. Fine brotha though.
arjuna****: Sebastian Ford is a fascinating and almost transgender boy. It´is a pity, however, that this video seems to have been made for the pleasure of the black stud and not to enjoy the subscriber...My god ! Twenty minutes of blow job on a video of twenty eight is really really too much! We wanna see more and more open-mouthed assholes....as we are not paying for the confortable onanistic pleasure of the "black bull" !
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Sebastian Ford - Rating: 8.01
Look what we have here! A pretty little twink. His name is Sebastian Ford and boy is he pretty. His tight little hole is enough for me to get all riled up. Just look at that lucky black stud getting to pound that hole. But really, I think Sebastian is even luckier. He gets to be FUCKED by a huge black dick. I am sure no one has filled him better than our black bull, Ass Professor. You can tell by the looks on Sebastian's face. It's all cringed up, like he's in pain, but a good way. And would you look at that. His face still looks as pretty as ever!
Mar 23rd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Don Member Comments:
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Don - Rating: 8.54
Well, well, look at what we found...a brand new, fresh twink boi. He is quite the cutie with quite the bootie, not to mention he's packing a nice package too. And just like all of our twinkie white boys, he's here for one thing and one thing only...the big, black cock, which our black stud Chyna gladly supplied for him to fulfill some of his dark meat desires.
Mar 9th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Aaron Member Comments:
dposey****: Hot lil'chicken!...dark hair & blue eyes...DELICIOUS! I hope DF gathers some cutie white boys to the Chicagoland area soon for some SWIRL!!
loginc****: Aaron needs to learn how to suck dick
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Aaron - Rating: 8.83
Aaron is quite the cute little twink boi, isn't he? He came to us needing to make a few bucks and wanting to fulfill some of his dark dick desires...so we signed him right away and granted him his needs and wants. He could not contain himself, as soon as our black stud Jalien pulled his big, black cock out he went to work on it. Sucking it with all the intensity of a true porn star...not to mention sitting on it with all the passion of a drunk prom date.
Feb 9th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Dominik Member Comments:
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Dominik - Rating: 8.78
Dominik...You take one look at this Latin hottie and you'll know why we chose him to be on BlacksOnBoys. He is something you don't see on our site every week...a nice and tan, muscular, masculine man. We thought since most of our updates have skinny, little twinks or older men who are just plain freaks, that we would treat you to something a little different...but in a good way! Let us know how you like it. I know our black stud Tarzan loved it.
Feb 2nd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Jason Member Comments:
dposey****: Way to fuck white boy! ...you got my dick rock hard!
biggib****: hot dirty fucking feet
SUPERN****: wanna see more of sexy jason! holehunter needs to improve his stamina
those8****: you should pair the btm with a more powerful top like thugzilla, then this video would be a lot hotter, because the btm boi is great ,but the top sucks
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Jason - Rating: 8.79
Another Jason! In this weeks update we have the triumphant return of The Hole Hunter, and does he have a nice surprise for all of you! Hole Hunter was out doing what it is he does best...Huntinig for hole, and he found our newest pretty boi, Jason. Jason is a 21 year old twinkie boi who has NEVER had black cock, and admits he's always wanted to suck and fuck a big, black cock, and that is exactly what Hole Hunter loves to hear.
Dec 29th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Jace Member Comments:
those8****: camera man talks way too much and interfere with them fucking
those8****: i wanna see him get fucked harder
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Jace - Rating: 8.18
Jace...Our newest punk boi gets introduced to our newest black top stud, BabyBoy, whom you will be seeing more of. I don't know why they call him BabyBoy, cuz nothing on this guy is small, as Jace quickly finds out his eyes were bigger than his stomach, by the end of the scene this white twinkie boi is whining that he can't take any more of BabyBoys gigantic black pole.
Dec 22nd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Sebastian Member Comments:
Azzuwi****: I could not enjoy the show because the director guy would not shut the fuck up!!!! If you are the director, then set the scene off camera and explain what you want done, then tape.His voice is very annoying and takes away from the scene!!!
moises****: it was exciting when Sebastian said He wasnt nervous for taking big black dick...just wishing having it...and He really enjoyed it
those8****: btm boi is great, hot, but the top sucks, he doesn't know how to thrust his dick at all
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Sebastian - Rating: 8.97
Sebastian... Here we go with another fresh episode of BlacksonBoys featuring a nice, smooth twink boi for your viewing pleasure. Speaking of pleasure, just check out the hot man on man action that goes down in this scene...oh, speaking of going down, wait until you see this little twinkie muffin with Tyreses' big as black cock down his throat!
Nov 10th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Chip Member Comments:
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Chip - Rating: 7.54
Chip! Our newest twink boi is from a city where there isn't any black meat. He's always had a hankering for some big, black cock but never had the oppurtunity to fulfill he's dark meat desires. That's where we step in. We offer him the oppurtunity of his dreams when Tyrese walks onto to set. He wastes very little time taking full advantage of our gift and has his fantasy finaly fulfilled.
Oct 20th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Alex Member Comments:
librae****: I can tolerate these ugly bottoms as long as BlackHawk in the scene.
provid****: great that lucky boy fucked by two raw black cocks
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Alex - Rating: 8.38
Are you ready for another hot and heavy, bareback episode of BlacksOnBoys? We sure hope so. Alex is here this week. He's a 26 year old twink college student who got his laptop jacked at a coffee shop and needs some fast cash so he doesn't flunk out this semester. Hmmmm...gee, I wonder what he could do to make some fast cash...LOL! We bring in BlackHawk and Billy Long for Alex to earn his money with. They whip their big-ass black cocks out and Alex doesn't waste any time getting to work.
May 5th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Josh Member Comments:
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Josh - Rating: 8.59
Josh...This week we have a nice, smooth twink for our big ass dicked black stud Tyrese, who absolutely tears the white bottom a new one, but not before Josh does what all of you would LOVE to do...lean over into Tyrese's lap and take his big, beautiful black cock in your hand and suck it like you've never sucked a cock before!
Jan 21st - BlacksOnBoys.com

Landon Haynes
Landon Haynes Member Comments:
dposey****: Beautiful bottoms, Limp tops...! I WAT TO SEE AND HEAR THESE BOYS GET SATISFIED!!!!
vtevan****: lovely bottom, limp dicked top
blackb****: Geez, what do you want? The guy would faint from blood loss if that pecker were fully engorged!
those8****: again, limped dick on top is not hot at all
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Landon Haynes - Rating: 8.55
This week we have a nice, little twink boi for you. His name is Landon Haynes. His 21 but he looks a lot younger and he's a model for a large clothing company. He admits to us he's been having fantasies about black men for about a year. He says he's craving a big cock and he knows only a black guy will be able to give him what he wants. We bring in one of our newest black studs, TrappBoi to give him exactly what he's been fantasizing about. Enjoy!
Mar 3rd - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Jared Scott
Jared Scott Member Comments:
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Jared Scott - Rating: 8.00
Blue eyes, blonde hair, and muscles to show off? Sign this black boy up for some of that! There's no way I would pass up a chance for some hand loving courtesy of white, gay men. I could tell right away this his sweet body had never been tainted by women and he was 100% all the way gay. The time for talk was over and his eyes popped out of their sockets when he got his first look at what I'm packing. Next, we did some good old fashioned sword fighting and the flesh on flesh action was intense. Our fun day wouldn't be complete until he stroked off my 3rd leg. My junk was swinging in all directions as white boy went to town. Peep the cumshot I blast all over my 6 pack. I might keep this cracker around for a while.
Dec 30th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Zack Cook
Zack Cook Member Comments:
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Zack Cook - Rating: 9.31
Days go by when I don't get my craving for gigantic black dick. It drives me nuts knowing that there's black dick out there without my mouth or hands on it. I grabbed my keys and made my way to the place where bad boys go for good black dick. The video playing was getting my white dick harder inch by inch. I nearly passed out from shock as I catched my first glimpse of the gloryhole black cock. Without hesitation I was kneeling at the wall with my hands full of ebony goodness. I empited my saliva glands getting this black rod nice and wet while stroking my own pole at the same time. I can only wonder was behind teh wall but the doubt made it that much kinkier for me. Like a good little gay boy I stroked and stroked until he blew his wad all over my ripped chest. I feel so dirty but it was all worth it.
Dec 9th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Jaden Holloway
Jaden Holloway Member Comments:
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Jaden Holloway - Rating: 8.73
When I'm not owning white boys on the court I'm owning them in the bedroom. Meet Jaden Holloway- a white boy who is my bitch today. Not only is he gonna jack off my black dick but he's gonna enjoy doing it. He can't weigh more than 130 lbs and he looks like he's been tossed around many gay bedrooms. The handjob he gave me was off the chain and he didn't stop to rest those gentle white arms of his. He did all he could to get my black load and he didn't disappoint. I let him cum on the floor right before I kicked his bitch ass out!
Nov 18th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Chase Evans
Chase Evans Member Comments:
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Chase Evans - Rating: 8.09
If the girls who hit on me 24/7 only knew they were barking up the wrong tree. Little do they know I spend my free time at these gay gloryholes my fellow gay buds tell me about. I had to see for myself if the myth was true and I was soon in for a shock! Not only was this place filthy as fuck but there was a dirty movie still playing from when the last guy was here. I sat down and made myself a bit more comfortable by whipping out my stick and going to town. I was soon confronted by a black anaconda and instead of running out I gave Mr. Lucky a memorable evening. I coated his big black dick with my mouth juices and inhaled his black fire hydrant as if my life depended on it. Wrapping my strong hands around his cock was next and his footlong black dick was getting quite the pumping!
Nov 8th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Dylan Hyde & Ray Diesel
Dylan Hyde & Ray Diesel Member Comments:
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Dylan Hyde & Ray Diesel - Rating: 8.50
We all have some "skeletons in our closet". You know, things we may n it like to admit in mixed crowds, or things we did years ago that might be embarrassing to us, now. Take Ray Diesel, for example. On the surface, Ray's a successful accountant who lives in a very nice home. Just ask his neighbor, Dylan Hyde. Ray and Dylan have been neighbors a long time, and Dylan thought he knew pretty much everything there was to know about Ray...except one thing. Ray's acted in some porno movies! And not just *any* pornos...gay porn! Dylan's always been curious about the taste of another man's cock, and what it might feel like to be fucked in the ass by another man. Especially a well-hung black man! It took Dylan a lot of courage, but one Saturday afternoon, while both fellahs were home from work, Dylan decided to stop by...and show Ray his discovery! Wait until you see what happens next!!
Oct 28th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Eliah Member Comments:
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Eliah - Rating: 7.25
My boyfriend thinks I'm at my parent's weekend home but that was a big lie. I'm an interracial queen whose lust foir big black dick never ends. The boys told me of this secret place where good little gay boys gets their rocks off in pure anonymity. It reminds me of the first time I sucked a dick. I was blindfolded and didn't know who the big dick belonged to which is mush like today's experience. I should feel yucky that I stroked, sucked, and nearly got fucked by this big black cock since it could be anybody's. However, the sight of his rock hard black dick made me think only of the different ways I'd drain his balls all over the place. Clean up : Aisle 7!
Oct 7th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Oral Johnson
Oral Johnson Member Comments:
anicoo****: I loved the real ejaculation from nice black cock and balls. Its very pleasant to feel cock of other man on my cock!
thick5****: you gotta eat man!
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Oral Johnson - Rating: 8.50
Listen closely and you can hear my hear racing a zillion times a minute. Look even closer and you can see the sweat running down my face. I know I shouldn't have come to this gloryhole since gay boys like me get destroyed in jail. I needed my daily fill of black man so I got in a cab, paid cash, and went to the side of town where nobody knows me. I knew I was in Gay Heaven the moment I was face to face with the fattest and longest black dick I've ever seen. I used my tight white mouth as a black cock garage and my lips nearly ripped apart which got me even more excited. The cologne my black lover was wearing came through this gloryhole and my cock got as hard as his. I pumped myself off as I engulfed his big black dick with my mouth. I couldn't believe how much jizz I was able to get out of him with just my mouth!
Sep 27th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Brendan Phillips, Daddy Cream & Deepdicc
Brendan Phillips, Daddy Cream & Deepdicc Member Comments:
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Brendan Phillips, Daddy Cream & Deepdicc - Rating: 8.89
Deepdicc is down. Really down. He manages a fairly popular bar in the gay part of town, but the owners aren't happy. Revenue is down, and they're coming down hard on him. Deep's co-workers feel his pain, and they want to help. They offer up suggestions to cut costs, boost revenues, and make the bar more popular. They also offer up some stress relief before they open. Brenden is going to offer up his mouth and tight, white ass. Brendan loves Deep's big, uncut black cock as much as rimming Daddy Cream's round bubble butt. A little stress relief turns into a super-hot 3-way...and Brendan covered in cum. Better clean up and finish prepping the bar! We open in less than 10 minutes!!
Aug 16th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Estefan Broznik & Ray Diesel
Estefan Broznik & Ray Diesel Member Comments:
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Estefan Broznik & Ray Diesel - Rating: 8.00
The signs all over the adult bookstore state it very clearly: NO CRUISING. In case you're not aware, this, cruising defined: to search, often in public places, of a sex partner. This term is used mainly in the gay community, where "hot" places are often described as "cruisy". Enter Estefan Broznik. He hails from Eastern Europe, but he's been here long enough to know the cruisy spots, and this adult shop is one of his favorites. Forget the signs! Management is aware of what goes on back in the arcade, and as long as you're discreet...well, you're good to go! Estefan lucks out, as he finds not only a handsome black man to share his booth with, but one who's hung! Both girthy and long! Estefan gets the fucking of a lifetime before jerking a wad all over himself!
Jul 15th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Mike James
Mike James Member Comments:
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Mike James - Rating: 8.27
My name is Mike James and I'm always on the prowl for hefty black meat. My butt buddies told me of their favorite Chocolate play toy named The Machine. They told me stories of how he loves his fat dick stroked from balls to peehole. At a footlong I knew my hands could get tired playing with his big black dick as I stroked my throbbing white dick. Being an older gay gentleman it's always nice to have some playtime with the younger studs who have no trouble staying hard....once I enter the picture. I knew I was about to dine on a thick load by the way my lover was moaning and groaning. I had to change hands because this ebony stud's stamina was off the chart but jerking black dick with my muscles is a hobby I never get tired of.
Jun 24th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Justin & Erin
Justin & Erin Member Comments:
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Justin & Erin - Rating: 7.83
Justin's a black man whose body was molded from marble. Erin is a white boy from the South. What happens when you mix the two together? You get an awesome interracial gay handjob where white boy does all he can to service his black master. Justin's big, black cock is as rock hard as the rest of his body. Erin's a future sufferer of carpel tunnel sydrome just by the way he uses those white hands to keep that black cock from going limp. Those enormous black testicles get cradled in Erin's right hand as his left keeps pumping that black shaft.Erin's handy work leaves Justin vulnerable to dropping his jizz bomb.....and that's exactly what happens.
May 24th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Geoff Gregorio and Deepdicc
Geoff Gregorio and Deepdicc Member Comments:
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Geoff Gregorio and Deepdicc - Rating: 7.17
If you ever hear someone describe a situation or a place as "cruisy", and you don't know what that means exactly, well...you're probably not gay. If you do, then you know all about cruisy bathrooms and cruisy parks and cruisy adult bookstores. Geoff Gregario knows about all The Cruise. When he's feeling the itch, Geoff heads to his favorite adult bookshop. It's got a decent selection of mags, DVD's and toys, but what makes this adult shop cruisy is the arcade in the back. It's old school for sure -- walk in, put a twenty dollar bill in the machine, and grab your tokens. From there it's time to watch a movie...and wait. Wait until that big, black cock makes its way through the hole, and if Geoff is "feeling it", he'll ask the fellah in the other booth to join him for a hot JO session followed by some action. You know...cruisy action!!!
May 13th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Luke Cross
Luke Cross Member Comments:
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Luke Cross - Rating: 9.50
One can almost assume that this adult arcade is a haven for bad things to occur. The walls? Filthy and grotesque. The floor? Stained beyond recognition with all types of body fluids. The gay interracial porn playing? That's the only saving grace of this location and Luke Cross can't seem to peel his eyes away from the action. The only thing that can interrupt his viewing is a big black cock entering the picture. A careful inspection gives Luke the green light to rub and suck on whoever's cock that belongs to. Luke's cock gets harder and harder and the piercing on the end of his dick is as shiny as ever. Luke jerks his own tool as he continues to hoover the gutsy black man who's anonymity will remain a mystery. The only other person that will know about the gay antics in this room will be the janitor. Luke's jizz-as well as the anonymous black cock's jizz- is now covering the entire floor.
Apr 1st - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Tipper Member Comments:
anicoo****: Two superbs ejaculations!
bigbla****: White cock-whore gorges on chocostick. Hot loads at end.
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Tipper - Rating: 8.33
The glory hole has taken in two new gay victims. Tipper's got some friend to meet at the bar this evening but they won't mind if he stops at the local adult book store for some gay antics. Tipper's the kind of white boy that is shy, timid and willing to do just about the nastiest stuff to get his rocks offs. The glory hole's disgusting walls do nothing to faze Tipper as a big, black cock comes in and joins his party. Tipper can't help but stroke his own cock as he sucks on the generous black stranger behind the wall.That gigantic black cock takes up residence in Tipper's mouth as his free hands pumps his white shaft. The smile on Tipper's face says it all as he makes himself choke on the gay, black cock poking though as he continuously pumps himself, and the black man off. The green walls of this glory hole are about to get a fresh coat of black paint when tipper's talented mouth and hands coax a huge load from the wall.
Mar 1st - BlacksOnBoys.com

Alex Mason and Ray Diesel
Alex Mason and Ray Diesel Member Comments:
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Alex Mason and Ray Diesel - Rating: 8.33
Alex Mason is a pervert. He loves porn, and his girlfriend hates that he watches it. She feels she should "be enough" for him. He loves porn so much, there's times he'll go to an adult bookshop and rent a booth just to jerk in peace and quiet and to avoid his girlfriend's bitching. But what happens when the dude in the next booth over wants a JO Buddy? Or, maybe a BJ? Sure, Alex is straight...but over the years, his love of porn has jaded him, and Alex is now a "dirty boy" filled with inappropriate thoughts. He's curious as to what a thick, black cock might taste like...or how it would feel deep in his ass. As long as this is behaviors he doesn't being home to his girlfriend, Alex isn't gay. Let's call it "experimenting".
Feb 19th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Adrian Blackhawk
Adrian Blackhawk Member Comments:
ORGANP****: Love this, but would prefer to see lots more close ups of the cocks, slowly rolling skin back, and lots of pre cum. whole room shots are ok, but the cock and is the focus of what we want to see, in close up form. :-)
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Adrian Blackhawk - Rating: 7.63
There never seems to be a shortage of white boys willing to get down with the brown. I had this whiteboy come over for much more than watching sports. Get to think of it, the only exercising that would be done would be his hands tugging and jerking on my big, black cock. This little gay white dude knew his way around a big, black shaft and he kept jerking me until my black nuts were about to explode.All I had to do was sit back, relax and enjoy the strong white hands wrapped around my black cock. I enjoy getting handjobs as much as the next guy but something about a gay guy doing it just gets my motor running. Those strong arms of his caused my dick to shoot a stream of black goo all over myself.
Jan 19th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Chris Abbot and Ray Diesel
Chris Abbot and Ray Diesel Member Comments:
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Chris Abbot and Ray Diesel - Rating: 9.00
It's tough being a white boy in a holding cell, and we hear everything from jokes to horror stories when there's a big black man and a white boy caged in a 10' x 10' cell. What's even worse is no matter how loud our poor white boy screams for the guard, those screams are going unanswered. This is a place where "I'm not gay!" doesn't matter at all. "No one is gay in here," the Black Man says, as he crams his over-sized dick deep into white boy's ass. Black man is the Barn Boss for sure, and he's going to put his bitch in place. , He'll need to pound some of that aggression away and spray his cellie down with a huge load. Then, it's rest time for the Black Man as his white bitch straightens up the cell.
Jan 8th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Keith Evans
Keith Evans Member Comments:
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Keith Evans - Rating: 7.75
I can't believe what I just did. There's no way, in a million years, that I would ever contemplate doing what I just did. Fuck, I'm nearly out of breath but it was so damn exciting. Here's what happened: I googled some gay hot spots in my area and this adult arcade popped up. I looked through some of the reviews and the common denominator was that this was the place for gay sex and more! I jumped in the shower and raced over. I went in the booth to masturbate to some interracial gay porn when a cock came out for my enjoyment. "Bullshit!," I thought as my eyes took in every meaty inch. My heart was nearly beating out of my chest as I dropped to my knees and devoured that juicy cock. There's nothing better than getting a soft cock hard with only your warm mouth. My mouth was getting tired so I gave my white hands some exercise by jerking off the stranger who was now my bff! The sweat was pouring off my face and hands and the time was now for me to jerk him to completion. Look at the mess he made for the poor janitor to clean up.
Sep 25th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Jaysin Member Comments:
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Jaysin - Rating: 7.50
Why stay home and jackoff when I can be out in my local video store? My buddies told me about evil things that go down in this place and seeing is believing. I paid my money for a private booth in order to watch some hot gay interracial porn as I pulled my meat. You can imagine my surprise as a big black cock came in and interrupted my viewing time. I decided to ditch the porn for the real black deal. My knees gathered dirt and dust as I wrapped my white hands around the enormous black sausage coming from the glory hole. My mouth was watering at the thought of scarfing down all that black meat. I teased the tip of the anonymous black shaft until I couldn't take it anymore and sucked it down my throat. My hard white cock was in one hand as his black cock was in the other. I even rubbed his dick against mine until my jaw was rested enough to continue sucking him off. The time was running out on my video booth so I sucked him harder until he shot his wad all over my mouth and chest. I can't wait to tell my fuck buddies about this place so they can get their rocks off as well.
May 12th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Jessie, Luke & Deepdicc
Jessie, Luke & Deepdicc Member Comments:
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Jessie, Luke & Deepdicc - Rating: 9.04
Can't a fellah get a little bit of privacy when it's time to jerk off? That's all Jessie Montgomery wanted to do. Sure, he's got one of the big, private booths the adult shop offered, and yea, there was room when Luke Allen walked in and asked to join him. Luke was tired of all the creeps in the other booths. He just wanted to do the same thing Jessie's doing -- watch some hot action and jerk. It's not gay to sit next to each other and offer a helping hand, right? When a monster black dick comes through the glory hole from an adjacent booth, well...that's when things get interesting. And mighty gay.
Apr 21st - BlacksOnBoys.com

Osiris and Deepdicc
Osiris and Deepdicc Member Comments:
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Osiris and Deepdicc - Rating: 9.26
It goes without saying being locked up is a bitch. Being stuck in a cell with a horny man is a bigger bitch...and the biggest bitch usually ends up being the White Boy. Poor Osiris has called for a guard over and over, but to no avail. His cellie -- Deep Dicc -- is sitting on the toilet, stroking off to a jerk rag.Osiris knows the magazine won't be enough for the well-endowed, uncut thug, and sure enough, Deep Dicc is pestering him for some action. "But I'm not gay!" Osiris cries out. But we all know it doesn't matter. It's time for Deep Dicc to establish who's the Barn Boss, and he does so by giving Osiris a size 11 poop chute. Afterwards, it's nap time for Deep Dicc as Osiris tidies up the cell.
Mar 20th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Luke Cross
Luke Cross Member Comments:
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Luke Cross - Rating: 7.67
When nature calls it can be a true inconvenience. I stumbled across this filthy bathroom that hadn't been cleaned in the longest time. As I got situated I took advantage of the "alone time" by stroking my white cock. I was sure I could beat off long enough to blow my load and get the fuck out of there. I was met by a hung black cock which made my heart skip a beat. Instead of running out with my tail between my legs I used the chance to stuff my favorite treat in my mouth: big black dick! The moans of joy coming from the other side of the wall signaled to me of a job well done. I wanted to give my jaw a rest so I gave him the ultimate handjob. See, being gay has its advantages since we can get our rocks off anytime and anywhere. After an interracial strokejob I manipualted his huge black dick into showering me with creamy goodness.
Feb 6th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Erin Again
Erin Again Member Comments:
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Erin Again - Rating: 7.33
I spend my days surfing the waves of Southern California. I spend my nights prowling for black dicks worthy enough of taking up room in my mouth. I found this filthy place online with stories of pure filth. I rode my skateboard down to a place in the city where graffiti covered all walls. Once inside I had my attention fixed on the movie playing gay porn that I never though existed. I thought I was alone when I dropped my clothes and jacked off. Hell, I paid for booth time so I wanted my money's worth. After a few minutes I was welcomed to Gay Heaven with a hanging piece of black meat. I massaged, tickled and took care of his cock and balls. Rubbing his cock on my took everything to the next level of excitement especially when I had him in my mouth. I don't think I've ever given a better blowjob in my short life. I stroked him off until he couldn't hold back the hefty load of goo he covered me with.
Jan 27th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Mike Ryder and Deion Thomas
Mike Ryder and Deion Thomas Member Comments:
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Mike Ryder and Deion Thomas - Rating: 9.23
College is on break and that can only mean the jocks have some valuable free time. Mike Ryder's girlfriend would lose her mind if she knew her man was at an adult bookstore watching porno. He's jerking off when a big black cock pokes its way through one of the glory holes. Mike's reminder to the black man that he's "not gay", matters not when Deion comes over to Mike's side. After they inevitably jerk off together,well,things get extremely hot. Mike's days of being a prowler of pussy are over the second he has Deion's massive black cock in his mouth. Mike's virgin asshole finally gets de-flowered when Deion's black dick slowly stretches Mike out. Mike's ass gets no rest as Deion keeps the assault on that tight hole. The only thing left is for Deion to send Mike home to his girlfriend with his black seed all over his face.
Dec 5th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Park Wiley
Park Wiley Member Comments:
fireco****: Park is the best!
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Park Wiley - Rating: 8.29
My fuck buddies told me about this place in the bad part of the city. They've told me their tales of great gay times that end up in pure nastiness. I felt as if I should stay away from all that filth. However, they mentioned that big dicks poke through a hole in the wall and once that happens then all is fair game. I got dressed up and made my way down. I found some hardcore gay porn playing which made me get naked and stroke my cock. The rumors turned out to be true when a slimy , huge black cock came out of the hole for me to enjoy. I hit the floor and jammed his cock down my mouth as my other free hand kept my white pecker hard. I've kept going back and you can call it an addiction. I call it an addiction to gigantic black dicks.
Sep 12th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Mark Galfione
Mark Galfione Member Comments:
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Mark Galfione - Rating: 7.57
Being a hung black meat slinger has its advantages. All the girls in my hood want me to take it out and fuck with them but I ain't down with it. Nothing gets me going like tiny white boys who I can split in half should my black cock find its way up their asses. Part of the reason I love the local gay gloryhole is I can keep anonymous while my nuts end up in some white dude's mouth. I made my way there and heard some honky jacking his meat and it was confirmed when I peeked through the hole in the wall. I figured he could use some company so I stuck my dick in hoping he wouldn't run like a bitch. My fears were erased when I felt his warm, little hands wrap around my dick followed by a warm, moist mouth that had trouble taking all of me in. I was afraid I'd snap his jaw but I'd let whitey be in control for once. He kept sucking until I was ready to dirty him up with some black nut sauce. I hope he cleaned up before leaving or he'd have a huge target on him for other black guys.
Aug 1st - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

TJ Gold
TJ Gold Member Comments:
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TJ Gold - Rating: 8.76
I woke up this morning not knowing that my journey to a gloryhole would result in me pleasuring a huge black cock. I originally went in to watch some insane gay sex porn but felt the need to get a bit more comfortable by getting naked and treating my cock to my hands. I kept pumping my shaft and was met with surprise as someone on the other side of the wall thought it would be a good idea to surprise me with a black cock. Shock quickly turned into glee since I always wanted to play with a black dick but shyness has kept me from it. Both of our anonymity made it possible for me to kneel at the wall and suck him off while not knowing who it was. When my jaw got tired it was exchanged with the power that my arms have and he got the jerking of a lifetime. His black fire hydrant-sized cock covered me in delicious cum and my face tells the story of a happy little boy.
Jun 20th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Orion Cross
Orion Cross Member Comments:
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Orion Cross - Rating: 7.17
Latino boys drive me nuts. It's thier latino heat that gets me going and they know how to take care of black men. There wasn't an ounce of fat on his tight frame which is exactly how I love my little boys. His pretty little face would make a great target for my steamy load but first Orion Cross has to earn it. My hanging met measures 9 inches and it gets bigger and thicker once its in the hands of latino boys. The sweat was dripping off our bodies as seconds turned into minutes as he was trying to coax a load from my black sack with his soft hands. Gay latin boys like Orion obviously do their homework because the jizz blast I laid on his face left no patch of skin free of my cum.
May 9th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Kyle Foxxx
Kyle Foxxx Member Comments:
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Kyle Foxxx - Rating: 8.25
Sometimes gay boys just wanna have fun. Sure, I could go to a gay nightclub and get hit on by older guys who just want to take me home and fuck my brains out. I needed a challenege and something that bordered on risky. I found this gloryhole and snuck out to see if I could snag some black cock. After some time playing with my own dick one appeared from behind the wall and reality hit that I was about to suck some cock in this disgusting place. I couldn't get to my knees fast enough for some hot oral action and took this brotha's dick deep down as my other hand was stroking my pole. I was worshipping this gloryhole and couldn't believe I was getting this nasty but when in Rome... I had to make it quick because I heard the cops love breaking up gay parties and I'll be back next week for another fill of big black cock!
Nov 22nd - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Nicholas Member Comments:
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Nicholas - Rating: 8.57
My collection of hot gay porn was getting old so today's field trip is to the local adult book store. I've heard stories of naughty things happening to timid little gay guys like me so I had to see what all the hoopla was about. I got into a private movie booth only to find a movie still playing from the last guy. I looked around hoping to find some cum spilled on the floor so I could lick it up but I got something better. A big black dick came out of the gloryhole and I couldn't tell if he had just got done with the guy before me so I was hoping he had some more jizz for me just in case. My knees were getting black as I jammed his big black dick down my throat. I know I should be a bit more careful but this was the chance of a lifetime. His balls were cupped in my hands as I gave him a handjob he'd soon never forget. He dropped his load and I wanted to see who it was but the mystery is much more exciting.
Oct 11th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Johnathan Member Comments:
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Johnathan - Rating: 8.18
I couldn't wait to sink my teeth into Johnathan. His tight little body is covered in tattoos, he's ripped, and he's an uncut hunk which I dig. He's used to fucking with other gay white boys but he's now graduating to black lions. I knew I would have to break him in easily since I could see fear in his eyes but he quickly transformed into a black dick pumper. Both of his hands barely covered my pulsating black dick as he spanked my dick. I could see his muscles flexing as his hands went up and down and it wouldn't be too long before his hands were able to get a load of jizz blasted onto my belly. I wanna fuck this white boy next time and I can only hope my black yeardstick doesn't tear his ass apart.
Aug 30th - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Phillip Ashton
Phillip Ashton Member Comments:
Ruckus****: Leaves the black guy 'hanging' Rather see him than this white boi
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Phillip Ashton - Rating: 8.79
The boys at school tease me for being so small and skinny. The girls mock me but it isn't pussy that I'm into. Secretly I crave for black dick 24/7 so going to this gay gloryhole was a no-brainer. Not only would I get my rocks off but only I would know I was there except for the hung black guy in hiding. I got more comfortable by stroking my dick while watching the filthy movie on the tv inside. I've been to some nasty places but this beat them all. Once my cock was at full attention I was joined by a big black dick who came by to say hi....and maybe more. I had to see how I measured up to this black pole so I rubbed both our cocks together which drove me fucking nuts! I just had to slip him inside my mouth as I jacked off like a wild animal. Check out his black dick coated in my mouth juices and I nearly tossed my cookies trying to take him all the way down my throat. I wanted to get out of there quickly since I had school in the morning so my hands worked overtime to get a healthy jizz blast from a dick with no face.
Aug 20th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Aiden Summers & Mr. Hampton
Aiden Summers & Mr. Hampton Member Comments:
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Aiden Summers & Mr. Hampton - Rating: 9.31
Becca's boyfriend isn't what he seems to be on the surface: As straight as an arrow. Aiden's ditched his chick in favor of some solo time at a seedy adult bookstore. Aiden's eyes take in some straight porn (Which he loves), and he's soon greeted by a black guy. What can possibly go wrong at this point? Aiden's never fucked another guy but when in Rome.....you suck and fuck your first cock. Aiden's heterosexuality gets thrown out the window when this gloryhole's powers come into full affect. Aiden and Mr. Hampton go at it and a couple of anonymous black cocks join this interracial gay party. Aiden is now completely surrounded by black cock and he's overwhelmed by it all. Becca must be at home waiting for him to walk in; instead, he's just now deep in black cock and there's nothing the bitch can do about it. Aiden's gloryhole fun only ends when the place gets splashed with black jizz.
Jul 30th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Adam and Tyko
Adam and Tyko Member Comments:
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Adam and Tyko - Rating: 9.00
Recently Tyko and Kip went at it in a public restroom. Kip's first ever taste of black cock was too good to keep to himself, and he's introducing Tyko to his friend Adam. Kip takes off, leaving both guys alone and things get extremely interesting. Adam and Tyko shoot the breeze before Tyko's inner predator comes out. Adam is at Tyko's mercy the very minute he gets a look at the black monster in those pants. Tyko face fucks Adam right before treating his ass to an invasion of black inches. Adam rides that black shaft until his ass nearly caves in from all the intense gay, interracial fucking. The party ends when Kip walks in on his friend after taking a huge load to the face.
Oct 18th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Michael Valentine & Calvin Johnson
Michael Valentine & Calvin Johnson Member Comments:
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Michael Valentine & Calvin Johnson - Rating: 7.89
Thank goodness for "apps". But you already know this. You've probably got dozens on your phone, helping you find a great restaurant, gas prices, fashion idea, your way around town, and almost anything else you could imagine...including big, black cock. That's blonde-boi Michael Valentine's obsession! He loves the "BBC", and although he's been "catfished" more than once, he's still at it, on his phone, working the apps, always searching for the kind of cock he desires. Big. Thick. Black. Today his well-used ass takes yet another pounding. How great is it that the dude who's on the app is the one who actually shows up! These two can't even wait to get all the way in the house before the hot action begins, and when it's all said and done, both men are covered in cum. Or, as Michael Valentine calls it, "a perfect day!"
Jun 2nd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Danny Enriquez & Phoenix
Danny Enriquez & Phoenix Member Comments:
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Danny Enriquez & Phoenix - Rating: 8.79
Don't worry boys, you can't judge a man by his shirt! Phoenix's "str8" shirt isn't what you think... "My Cock + Your Pussy" is meant for "Boi Pussy". What a nice little piece of boi pussy Phoenix got for us today. Danny Enriquez is our spicy latin dream. His high and tight hipster hairdo is enough to pull any hot piece of black ass - let alone a nice black ass like Phoenix. Once Danny gets into our ride there's no turning back. And the next 20 minutes are evidence of never going back... bareback that is (gotta be safe bois). This black/latin relationship ends with a giant messy chest for Danny and a huge smile for Phoenix. Enjoy!
Dec 3rd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Eddie Saint and Tyko
Eddie Saint and Tyko Member Comments:
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Eddie Saint and Tyko - Rating: 9.14
Eddie Saint's problems with women have boiled over to him complaining about them to his friend Tyko. The constant gripes are of no concern to Tyko and he brings in a scale to weigh himself. Odd, no doubt. However, Tyko convinces his friend to look over his flawless black frame and Eddie's girlfriend problems will be a thing of the past. Eddie gets on his knees and sucks on Tyko's big black cock until his glasses fog up from the insane blowjob he's dishing out. Tyko knows he's risking a friendship by letting his buddy suck down on all his meant, but it doesn't affect him enough to let up. Eddie's virgin asshole gets its first taste of dick and Tyko's unrelenting in pounding that tight hole. The constant slamming on that white ass brings Eddie Saint to the point where no women will ever do again. The icing on the cake comes when Tyko unleashes his friendly fire onto Eddie's face and glasses. It seems as if they're great friends and better lovers.
Nov 23rd - GloryholesAndHandjobs.com

Boi Toy
Boi Toy Member Comments:
nexxus****: Boi toy needs to get fucked on blacksonboys
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Boi Toy - Rating: 7.60
I can't believe I gathered the courage to visit this shady place. I should be at home servicing my boyfriend after a hard day's work but temptation was too strong. The gay life is a glamourous one since the chance for sucking andd fucking is there most of the time. Tonight was no different in that thei adult book store had a video viewing booth. I could't wait to empty my dick after emptying my wallet in the change slot. The xxx gay movie playing was showing some muscular studs going at it and that made me hard in less than a second. I was only planning on beating off when a black dick made my acquaintance. I should have ran out and called the cops but that would have been a boner killer. Instead, like a good cocksucker, I got my knees dirty coating his big black dick with whatever spit I had left. I could only imagine what the beefcake behind the wall looked like as I jerked my cock as sucking his. I could have gone on forever bt my boyfriend was waiting at home with dinner so it was time to get this black baseball bat to cum. I'm such a little slut for black jizz and that's exaclty what I got.
Nov 22nd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Cali, Dani, Drew
Cali, Dani, Drew Member Comments:
ORGANP****: Love the body and cock on this black guy, would love to see more close ups, and also more close ups of his ass when he is getting fucked.
terenc****: something very different - again !! the producers/ directors are to be congratulated on being able to come up with such original content. Each of the three lads struck me as very nice; they really blended well together in this and looked after one another. The final moments were quite poignant- it was as if the black guy was the newborn child, and the two whites were its mother and father, somehow.
zzFSRO****: It seems that the producers can't find the real hot black men any more .. Wha't happening there ???
bamawo****: I love sucking big cocks myself!!
ORGANP****: While the guys seem to be the average, the black guy getting his due is cool. Would love to see more of his body and cock, close up, in different positions. :-)
nexxus****: More duos pls
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Cali, Dani, Drew - Rating: 8.54
We have something a little different here at BlacksOnBoys.com this week and different is good, right? We have three hot guys...two white guys and a super hot black dude. That doesn't sound different you say? Well it is because the two white guys are going to give him his first time with white guys and top him. The two white boys' names are Dani Decor and Drew Stiles, both have been here before but in the reveresed role. This time they get to do the fucking. Speaking of fucking...the new black stud who's looking for his first time with not just one white guy but with two, his name is Cali Boi and he's down to get dirty. Dani and Drew get him back to the pad for some fun and Cali Boi gets right to work, displaying his advanced cock sucking skills on those two hard white cocks. Sliding them deep down his mouth and throat without missing a beat. Then no matter how great the dicksucking is it must come to an end because there's another eager and hungry hole that awaits. Cali Boi gets on all fours and Drew just puts his dick right into him and pumps away while Drew is still getting his dick sucked...and then...well, you just have to watch the scene and see for yourself.
Nov 2nd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Kolton Ray
Kolton Ray Member Comments:
papabu****: one of my favorites - double team this little white bitch!
bambam****: i really enjoyed the white boy's balls swaying as his ass was being plundered by the black boy in doggy. as is proper,the white boy popped his nut while being butt fucked by the black man. good scene.
terenc****: I noticed that at the end of this scene the white bois relieved himself .... please avoid letting the white bois have things there own way...I think it would have been brilliant if the black guy had told him to stop...... he should have to get permission form his master surely ? There could have been more spanking- it was noticeable by its absence in this one. Also avoid too much equality - we white bois must learn that we are the submissive ones and are useful in society on in so far as we can worship our BBCs !! PLEASE START BRINGING IN RIMMING- for the white bois to do on their masters, NOT the other way round ....
terenc****: I enjoyed this scene... although not a frequent user of gay channels in the context you have created ie black empowerment it is nothing short of a masterstroke. In this scene the white boi was submissive- when the BBC was flipped there was no hesitancy in going straight down onto it- a nice variety of scenes ie positions - I enjoyed the bottom slapping whilst the sexualcongress is going on- it reminded of where the power is... Hopefully this new series ie blacks on boys will encourage black people outof their aversion to flipping their BBCs onto us white bois... when I think of how much easier it is for a white woman to get a bbc, it makes my blod boil with jealousy.... !! come on black guys, PLEASE FEEL FREE TO FLIP YOUR MAGNIFICENT BBCs out to us bois more often..... in the words of Malcolm X, 'by any means necessary !'
str822****: lucky white boy. I wish I could feel that black cock too.
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Kolton Ray - Rating: 8.92
Another episode of BlacksOnBoys.com is finally here and do we have a cute little white boi for our black stud, Intrigue. His name is Kolton Ray and he's a casper white skinny thing but don't let that fool you. When he's on all fours he's got quite the shapely bubblebutt. Kolton contacts Intrigue via the internet or some shit and they meet up out back of Intrigue's workplace. He sneaks him in and they go into empty office and puts him right to work. Intrigue wastes no time as usual and plops his big black dick right into Kolton's hungry mouth. He sucks away on that amazing black cock, taking it deep down and getting it rock hard and ready to pound him in his tight little man hole. Kolton gets on all fours in order to take Intrigue's throbbing black meat...and take it he does. Intrigue just plows right into him and Kolton lets out some moans but never hesititates to take it down deep...now that's how we like it here at BlacksOnBoys.com. Enjoy.
Feb 15th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Nate Richards
Nate Richards Member Comments:
pussby****: that's the way we white pussy boys like it. One to hold us down, while the one fucks us
hotboy****: These black men like good tight boy pussy I am a black queen I need to be up there I they will have a good nut more than one I want black lion so I can suck that dick and toss that salad.
FSROLL****: Very hot scene because this young very hot black huge curved dick. He's super hot !!! Ca you please find some other new faces? Intrigue is good, not great any way. We are tired of him. Thanks to take notice.
jgutta****: He loves that black meat
wht4hu****: What a hungry pussy boy to take two huge black dick that yet again showed why once you go black he will never go back to white cocks.
Kandib****: I love the scene because the white boy is clearly shows his love for black cum. My only complaint...stop recycling the tops! Can we get some NEW fresh faces?! Tired of seeing Intrigue! Can we get some big black brothas?!
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Nate Richards - Rating: 9.13
So black studs Intrigue and Pleasure Boi are on the hunt and find a willing white boy named Nate Richards. Nate don't look like nothing special but as soon as they get him back to the crib the shit is on. Nate turns out to be a super freak, taking every inch of big, black pipe down his throat and getting face-fucked like a ragdoll and loving every bit of it. His skillz don't stop with his mouth, it continues right on to his ass. Intrigue and Pleasure Boi turn this white boy inside out and he still begs for them to fuck him harder. This is one scene you do not want to miss. Enjoy!
Feb 28th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Ricky Raw
Ricky Raw Member Comments:
provid****: great
FSROLL****: Very hot scene with Johnny Boy, He's really very hot. More with him
prnast****: give johnny boy some fat ass
prnast****: somebody give the fat ass he wants :)...
puppyd****: I had real high hopes for this scene but it really didnt follow through, I really wanted to see Ricky take the cum either in the face or in the mouth but that never happen, a real disappoitment! if he swallowed that would be awsome!
rimbus****: 100% great, especially Johnny Boy. I hope you use him in more videos.
rcsmit****: Personally, I loved it. Much better than the previous updates. I loved the passion in the vid, but wish the cumshots ended in his mouth or on his face. Bring back both of these sexy brothas...
hollan****: I had real high hopes for this scene but it really didnt follow through, I really wanted to see Ricky take the cum either in the face or in the mouth but that never happen, a real disappoitment!
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Ricky Raw - Rating: 9.07
This week at BlacksOnBoys.com we have two new hot black studs to introduce to you. Johnny Boy and Tone. Let me tell you...these are two big dicked black dudes and our whiteboi, Ricky Raw has no idea what he's in for...or what's going to be in him. They waste no time with Ricky and Johnny gives him a direct order to get down on his knees and suck his bigass black cock. Ricky was a little hesitant at first but Johnny and Tone are not fooling around and talking any sort of lip from Ricky. After a geneous amount of double dick sucking Ricky gets his ass inroduced to Tone's dick first while still getting Johnny's hard black cock shoved in his mouth and it just keeps going from there. Enjoy.
Aug 17th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Diablo Member Comments:
Azzuwi****: Too much talking and when Thug got second turn, he was going to town on the booty and the camera was on their faces not the action!!! Then they were cumming.You'll left me hanging!!!
rrhill****: The talking distracted me. Pitty.
doctor****: i am white boy brazilian and like suck Big black cock... like this, no white boy, suck only BBC
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Diablo - Rating: 8.06
Thugzilla and MR. Buck are on the hunt for some hot white ass. They hit up a local tourist spot and find themselves a hott one, so hot his name is Diablo. Things get a little preheated on the drive back to the BlacksOnBoys.com shoothouse when Thuglizza whips out his already hard black cock for there newly found whiteboi to suck on. It only gets hotter and nastier when they make it back to the fuck pad.
Apr 5th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Joey Member Comments:
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Joey - Rating: 7.57
This week at BlacksOnBoys.com we present to you...Joey. He came to us in a bit of a bind. He got kicked out of his house because his parents caught him having sex with his girlfriend. Joey answered our ad because he needs to make some quick cash so he can find a place to stay. He had no idea exactly what he was getting into but under his current circumstances he didn't have many other options and in the end he sure seemed like he enjoyed every second and inch of Hot Boi's big, black cock...and made some quick cash.
Mar 29th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Demarcus Member Comments:
raymac****: Can I have this guy?
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Demarcus - Rating: 7.98
Our newest Boi is Demarcus. He's 18 a quite nervous. He was on the swim team in school and so were a few black studs. Ever since he seen what they had swinging between their legs he's wanted it. So we hook him up with one of our newest black studs, Jason. When Jason drops his pants Demarcus is not disappointed by ANY means. He's got one of the nicest, uncut, thick black cocks around...and Demarcus wastes no time going to work on it.
Jan 25th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Chase Evans
Chase Evans Member Comments:
ORGANP****: Love the balls sucking, ass eating... HOT.... Why can't the black guy keep it hard during oral ? Beautiful black guy, smooth skin, smooth and brown... Hot looking, but action and camera angles, lacking ?
starke****: hot white boy with a big uncut dick black guy nice cock wish they would have shown white boy shoot load
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Chase Evans - Rating: 8.54
This weeks' update here at BlacksOnBoys.com is Chase Evans. He's quite the confident, cocky boi too. And when I say "cocky" I use that word in two ways. He's originally from South Dakota but has lived in Minnesota for awhile. He's never had a whole lot of contact with black studs. So he's recently discovered a hankerin' for some dark meat and we thought we'd hook him up with Mr. Sauki, one of our resident favorite black studs.
Jan 18th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Brett Stone
Brett Stone Member Comments:
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Brett Stone - Rating: 7.79
Brett Stone is this weeks' newest addition to BlacksOnBoys.com. He's here for one thing and one thing only...to fulfill his life long fantasy for black cock. Just like all the rest of them, he's come to the right place. We hook him up with the hard hitting Thugzilla who has no problem giving Brett what he wants...and even more than what he bargained for...just like the rest of the poor white bois. See ya next week...enjoy.
Dec 21st - BlacksOnBoys.com

Jess Taylor
Jess Taylor Member Comments:
brugie****: finally === a very good production . yall just have to tell the bottoms --- its not their job to give instructions
polo69****: one of the very most exciting tops , but the sex postion is rather poor in this video....Want to see this top again please !
badest****: Boy get ya hands off my man
stevel****: brilliant site! more thugs and rough trade, please
moises****: even thought they were connected as people it was great just a black guy feeling a hole and white guy feeling black dick
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Jess Taylor - Rating: 8.82
Hello members! This weeks update is Jess Taylor, he's 20 years old and from Idaho. He's had the desire for black cock for years but in Idaho there's not really much of a selection of black guys. But here at BlacksOnBoys.com we have no shortage of black men who like to fuck white bois. We hook Jess up with one of the biggest, thickest black cocks we have...Jovannic. Just wait and see how he somehow makes his big ass cock fit in his little, tight white hole. Enjoy!
Sep 21st - BlacksOnBoys.com

Tony Member Comments:
olorin****: Top is the best guy I've seen so far on here. Boy is nice size and body but needs to make more noise.
bigbla****: Dis one fine-assed specimen of a brother. Big tall niggah wit a heavy log. Deserves a hungrier bitch tho and a better director/cameraman to appreciate his fine self.
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Tony - Rating: 7.68
This weeks' update is Tony. Tony is a little guy so we figured we would hook him up with one of our biggest black dudes...Titan!!! Like all the other white bois on BlacksOnBoys.com he's never had sex with The Black Man and with one look at the six foot nine Titan and the five foot even Tony it's easy to see why Titan does not think Tony is quite ready for The Black Man. Well, Tony is really nervous (I would be too) but he manages to muster all of his strength and handles everything Titan throws at him.
Aug 31st - BlacksOnBoys.com

Draygen Member Comments:
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Draygen - Rating: 8.32
This weeks' newest boi has a unique name...Draygen, but he doesn't have a unique fantasy. His fantasy is just like every other white boi on BlacksOnBoys...to be with a black man. Draygen is 26 years old and has had ALOT of experience sucking and fucking dick...but not black dick. Today that will all change for him as we introduce him to one of our resident black studs, Mr Sauki who has no problem fulfilling another white bois' fantasy.
Aug 17th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Jaeden Member Comments:
brugie****: i wish i had found this a long time ago ===finally a cute white boy that isnt fucked up with tatoos === i think mr sauki was falling in love with that wild tongue
richar****: cum scene is split
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Jaeden - Rating: 8.78
Our newest white bitch boi is Jaeden. And like most of the others, he's never had sex with a black man, but here at BlacksOnBoys that's not a problem at all. He grew up near an Amish community so we think he'll just love our Southern hospitality. And Mr Sauki, being the hot black stud he is has no problem inviting our Northern boy to good old fashioned Southern "hoe down"...and Jaeden is going to be the hoe down on his knees.
Jul 27th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Travis Member Comments:
librae****: Yeah I agree with black**** but doesn't condoms with sucky-sucky = poz? That was a bit of a turnoff, but otherwise nice.
blackb****: Where are the other comments for this scene with Travis and Cory? This pair made history!
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Travis - Rating: 8.24
We have a real nice treat for you this week. His name is Travis and he is a nice piece of tanned beach boi. And just like ALOT of our other white boi's, he saw our website and could no longer delay his fantasy of wanting to suck and be fucked by a big, hard black dick. And you know we just love to give our guests what they want, so we hooked him up with our hot black stud Corey. And Corey gives him exactly what he came here for...to be "cored" out by a black man.
Jul 20th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Haze Member Comments:
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Haze - Rating: 7.63
This weeks' white boi Haze, is here for all the usual reasons...he's looking for his first time "black experience". And as you well know, here at blacksonboys we just LOVE to fulfill the fantasies of horny little white boi's who are burining with desire for the black cock. Just one look at Haze and you can tell he's quite the freak and that's good because the black guy we set him up with, Mr Sauki is an even bigger freak.
Jun 29th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Mark Member Comments:
vtevan****: Talk, talk, talk, talk, talk.... shut up already, shit!
librae****: Oh Solomon. No one ever made me climax like he did. I had the old scene and used to beat it to him when I was young. Solomon is the KING!! LOVE him!! He's the reason I signed onto this site......well there's also BlackHawk and Thug Hunter, but they came later.
blackb****: This was a grrreat scene!
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Mark - Rating: 8.82
The one and only Chris Dano - a longtime Blacks On Boys favorite - is the host/camera guy of a sex T.V. reality show about what goes on behind the scenes of a porno set, which is actualy the name of the reality show..."Behind The Set". Dano interviews Solomon and his buddy Mark, and you could only imagine what happens next. With a wad of cash in his pocket, Dano gets the boys fueled up for some action. Before you know it they're getting down and dirty for Dano's cameras. After a bit Dano is convinced by the two love birds to join the fun. Check out how well White Boi Mark handles a combined 22 inches of dark meat. The rest is standard operating proceedure: big black dicks, a little white hole, and lotsa hot hot sex from start to finish...and the finish? Well, let's just say White Boi's tummy looks more like a gene pool in a science lab than anything else we can think of at the moment!
Jun 22nd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Cuban Red
Cuban Red Member Comments:
terenc****: the last 15-20 minutes was devoted to the ungainly sight of cuban red feverishly masturbating. Hardly consistent with the principle of serving the master/ bbcs.... Instead of allowing this, could such remaining time as exists( after the master has climaxed) be spent with the white boy practicing anal canal stretching exercises, i.e. with dildos/ butt plugs ? It seems to me that this wold be more interesting for us to look through...
librae****: This may be one of the hottest vids on this site---until we get no money shot from the boi. Sad. But still hot scene. Need more of these two.
FSROLL****: Both are really GREAT !!! We want to see them on more sceens !!! Pharao is fantastic, huge little bit curved dick !!! More please !!!
johnel****: Both models were great, but should had the lil red cum.
ekolog****: nice wallet bulge
gtsani****: where can i see more of cuban red
mortim****: i agree pharoah is the fucking shit we need more of this sexy morris chestnut lookalike back asap
blkbro****: how did ya'll let this black dude walk away? you got like 15 thugzilla's but only one of a the truly horse hung black dude...who's in charge of casting? another cash cow gone
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Cuban Red - Rating: 9.03
This week we have a little something different for you. Here at BlacksOnBoys.com it's all about "mixing" it up and that's why we have a cute little Latin boi for this weeks' update. Let me tell you...he's just as black cock crazy as the white boi's. He admits that he's been wanting a black cock ever since back in high school and tells us about his fantasy where he does the whole football team. We start him off slow with just one black stud, Pharoh. Sit back, unzip and enjoy!
Jun 15th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Griffon Member Comments:
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Griffon - Rating: 8.68
This weeks' update is one of those scenes that only comes along every so often, it's surely one you don't want to overlook. The black stud, Mr. Sauki is one smooth operator. Just take one look at him and you're gonna be lusting for him. The white boi, Griffon is quite a find too. He's a total crazy, sex freak who came to us with the usual desires needing to be fulfilled...the desire for the biggest, blackest cock we could find for him to suck and fuck...so guess what??? That's what we gave him...is that so wrong?
Jun 8th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Scott Member Comments:
bigbla****: Dis one fine-ass mothuh fuckin niggah. Tall n big wit a thick log. Ow. And wit a bitch who loves it.
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Scott - Rating: 8.28
Our newest white boi is something else. Just take one look at him and you can tell he's a freak. He found out about Blacksonboys.com by surfing the net and with one simple email he is now on our couch talking about how bad he wants the biggest black cock we can find and how he totaly LOVES being fucked really hard. Well, here at BlacksOnBoys we just love to give them exactly what they want...and that's what he gets! We hook him up with Titan...who has no problem giving Scott what he wants.
Jun 1st - BlacksOnBoys.com

Jose Member Comments:
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Jose - Rating: 7.50
Our newest powerbottom slut is quite the find. His name is Jose, but he also goes by "Lick'Em Love"...and that's exactly what he does. Just like most every other horny boi on our site, he is here to have his first experience with our big dicked black stud, Titan. Usually most bottom boi's say they can handle it and want the biggest cock we can find, but when it comes down to it, most of them can't hang with it...but that's where Jose steps in. His eyes are as big as his mouth, and ass. He takes it ALL and still begs for more, and around here...that's what we like!!! Enjoy, all you nasty pervs!
May 18th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Austin Dallas
Austin Dallas Member Comments:
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Austin Dallas - Rating: 8.20
Well, I know the white bois name in this movie is a little ri-dick-ulous, but hey, he's a newcomer. He's so new, that he didn't have a name when he showed up. He was going to use his real name. But then when he found out how many people would be watching him, he changed it. And well, Austin Dallas was the best he could do. His name doesn't matter much. His passion to please black cock is all that matters. He does a very nice job servicing Thugzilla in these movies too, especially for his first time. What I like so much about this scene, is that he really is a newbie, and he doesn't try to act it up. He just does what he's supposed to and it turns out great! Enjoy.
Mar 30th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Michah Member Comments:
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Michah - Rating: 8.01
You know anyone boi with the name Michah is going to be hawt. Our boi Michah delivers too... in more than one way. He has a true love for dark chocolate and when he came in and met our crew,including big black dicked Troy Penetrator, his sweet tooth was achin'. So sit back, relax and watch Michah put a huge black cock in every hole.
Feb 23rd - BlacksOnBoys.com

Mark Member Comments:
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Mark - Rating: 8.29
This week's black cock craving white boi is Mark. He's a smooth and toned Frenchie. That's right...he's French, oui, oui! Mark gives our black stud Tarzan a little lesson in the language of love as he shows him how much he loves running his tongue over Tarzans big, black dick.
Jan 19th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Kevin Member Comments:
wadswo****: One of the better sessions!! Did anyone else notice that half-way through the session that Tyrese disappears and a look-alike takes his place??. Two for the price of one- both do excellent jobs. Kevin is in heaven!
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Kevin - Rating: 8.35
Kevin...Here we are...another week at BlacksOnBoys, and another new whiteboi who is crazy for the black cock...and with a cock like Tyrese's, what whiteboi wouldn't just love to drop to his knees and have a taste. I know Kevin here sure does not waste much time at all when it comes to submitting to the black man who has the black cock.
Jan 12th - BlacksOnBoys.com

Erin Member Comments:
Azzuwi****: Mr. Director runs his mouth just a little too much in these videos!!! Every time he puts his 2 cents in, I want to shut him up with my big black cock. May be he thinks it adds to the video, but it is very annoying.
rimbus****: who is the top in this video? I need to know.
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Erin - Rating: 8.80
Erin is here...again!!! This hot to trot horny white boi is back for more! The last time he was here it was his first time sucking and fucking black cock. He LOVED it so much he couldn't keep his mind off of it, and that's why he's back. Just watch this scene and tell me he's not having the time of his life as our big black stud, Baby Boy tops his little white ass!